Hera Pheri

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“Hera Pheri” is a classic Bollywood comedy that follows the misadventures of three hapless individuals who become embroiled in a hilarious scheme to get rich quick. With a perfect blend of witty dialogues, slapstick humor, and memorable performances, the film remains a beloved favorite among audiences even years after its release.

Hera Pheri
Movie NameHera Pheri
Actor NameAkshay Kumar
Actress NameRimi Sen
CategoryIndian comedy films
Movie DirectorPriyadarshan
Released onMarch 31, 2000
Movie Budget75 million INR


The budget for “Hera Pheri” was approximately 7 crore Indian Rupees, equivalent to around $1 million USD at the time of production. Despite its relatively low budget by Hollywood standards, the film’s success demonstrated the effectiveness of resourceful filmmaking, delivering laughs and entertainment to audiences worldwide.

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Directed By:

It was directed by Priyadarshan, a prolific filmmaker known for his mastery in comedy. With a keen eye for humor and impeccable timing, Priyadarshan has helmed numerous successful films that continue to entertain audiences across generations.

Hera Pheri Movie 2000 Actors

Actors/HerosRole in Movie
Akshay KumarRaju
Razak KhanGang Member
Paresh RawalBaburau
Gulshan GroverKabira

Story of Movie:

Hera Pheri” follows the comedic escapades of three financially struggling individuals who stumble upon a ransom scheme. As chaos ensues, they navigate misunderstandings, hilarious mishaps, and encounters with eccentric characters. Through sheer luck and unexpected twists, they ultimately outwit the criminals and emerge victorious, richer in laughter than wealth.

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