ji wife ji

Ji Wife Ji Watch Movie And Download In Hd

“Ji Wife Ji” is a Punjabi comedy film directed by Harjit Singh Ricky. The story revolves around a husband who tries to impress his wife by pretending to be a wealthy businessman. However, his plans backfire, leading to hilarious situations and misunderstandings.

With its blend of humor and romance, the film offers a lighthearted and entertaining portrayal of marital dynamics and the importance of honesty in relationships. Through its witty dialogues and lively performances, “Ji Wife Ji” promises to keep audiences engaged and amused from start to finish.

ji wife ji
Movie NameJi Wife Ji
Actor NameRoshan Prince
Actress NameAnita Devgan
Movie DirectorAvtar Singh
Released on24 Feb, 2023
Movie Budget8 – 10 Crore (Approx)

Story of Movie:

“Ji Wife Ji” tells the tale of Raja, a simple man who wants to impress his wife, Sonia. To do so, he pretends to be a successful businessman. However, his lies spiral out of control, leading to comedic misunderstandings. Through laughter and mishaps, Raja learns the true value of honesty in relationships.

Director Overview:

Harjit Singh Ricky directs “Ji Wife Ji,” showcasing his flair for comedy and storytelling. With a keen eye for humor and relatable situations, Ricky brings to life the everyday struggles and joys of married life. His directorial style blends comedy with heartwarming moments, creating an engaging and entertaining cinematic experience. Through his work, Ricky has established himself as a prominent figure in Punjabi cinema, earning acclaim for his ability to entertain audiences while delivering meaningful messages about love, family, and relationships.

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