Mookuthi Amman

Mookuthi Amman Movie and its Reviews

“Mookuthi Amman” is a Tamil comedy-drama film that revolves around a devout Hindu woman who encounters the goddess Amman. With divine intervention, she embarks on a mission to expose fraudulent godmen and bring about social change. The film blends humor, satire, and spirituality to deliver a thought-provoking narrative.

Mookuthi Amman
Movie NameMookuthi Amman
Actor NameN. J. Saravanan
Actress NameSmruthi Venkat
CategoryFantasy comedy film
Movie DirectorRJ Balaji
Released onNovember 14, 2020
Movie Budget4.5 Crore

Directed By:

“Mookuthi Amman” was directed by N. J. Saravanan and RJ Balaji. N. J. RJ Balaji, a popular radio jockey and comedian, made his directorial debut with this film. Together, they brought a unique blend of comedy and social commentary to the screen.

Story of Movie:

“Mookuthi Amman” tells the story of a devout Hindu woman named Meenakshi, who encounters the goddess Amman. Empowered by divine intervention, she sets out on a mission to expose fraudulent godmen exploiting people’s faith. Through humor and satire, Meenakshi challenges societal norms and advocates for social justice, inspiring others to question blind belief and embrace rational thinking. As she navigates the complexities of religious fervor and human greed, Meenakshi learns valuable lessons about faith, compassion, and the true essence of spirituality.

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