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“Sonchiriya” offers a gritty portrayal of bandits in the Chambal valley during the 1970s. The film delves into themes of redemption, caste dynamics, and the pursuit of freedom. With a stellar ensemble cast and raw storytelling, it presents a compelling narrative set against the rugged landscapes of rural India.

Movie NameSonchiriya
Actor NameSushant Singh Rajput
Actress NameBhumi Pednekar
CategoryAction film
Movie DirectorAbhishek Chaubey
Released onMarch 1, 2019
Movie Budget220 million INR


The budget for “Sonchiriya” was approximately 30 crore Indian Rupees, equivalent to around $4.2 million USD. This allocation covered various production expenses including casting, shooting in remote locations, set design, costumes, post-production, and marketing. Despite its modest budget, the film garnered critical acclaim for its authentic portrayal of rural India.

Directed By:

Directed by Abhishek Chaubey, known for his nuanced storytelling and portrayal of gritty realities. Chaubey brings his distinctive style to “Sonchiriya,” capturing the essence of the Chambal valley with authenticity and depth.

Story of Movie:

“Sonchiriya” follows a group of dacoits embroiled in a journey of redemption and survival in the Chambal valley. Amidst the harsh terrain and societal oppression, they grapple with their conscience and caste dynamics. Through twists and turns, they confront their pasts and seek elusive redemption, chasing their own “golden bird.”

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