Viyah 70 Km

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“Viyah 70 Km” is a Punjabi romantic comedy film directed by Mushtaq Pasha. The story revolves around two young lovers, Harish and Aman, who embark on a journey to get married against their families’ wishes.

Along the 70-kilometer trip, they encounter numerous obstacles and challenges. Through humor and romance, the film explores the theme of love conquering all barriers. With lively performances and witty dialogues, “Viyah 70 Km” offers audiences an entertaining and heartwarming cinematic experience, celebrating the spirit of love and determination in the face of adversity.

Viyah 70 Km
Movie NameViyah 70 Km
Actor NameHarish Verma, Binnu Dhillon
Actress NameSezal Sharma
Movie DirectorMushtaq Pasha
Released onSeptember 13, 2013
Movie Budget₹4 crores

Cast and Crew

“Viyah 70 Km” features prominent Punjabi actors such as Harish Verma and Geeta Zaildar in lead roles. Directed by Mushtaq Pasha, the film showcases a talented ensemble cast and crew, including writers and technicians, who bring their expertise to create an entertaining and memorable cinematic experience.


“Viyah 70 Km” has received positive reviews for its humor and heartfelt storyline. Audiences praise the chemistry between the lead actors and the film’s lively portrayal of Punjabi culture. With its blend of romance and comedy, it offers a delightful and entertaining cinematic experience for viewers of all ages.

About Viyah 70 Km Movie:

“Viyah 70 Km” is a Punjabi romantic comedy directed by Mushtaq Pasha. The film follows Harish and Aman, two lovers determined to marry against their families’ wishes. Along their 70-kilometer journey, they encounter obstacles and challenges, leading to humorous and heartwarming moments that celebrate love and perseverance in Punjabi culture.

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